Previous winners


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AwardGenreTitle of pieceName
PlatinumPoetryMurlough BeachLauren Stevenson
PlatinumFiction Sewing FlowersMaeve Clarke
GoldPoetryMorphosesOlivia Scott-Berry
GoldFictionA Belated InvasionMichelle Porter
SilverPoetryKircaldy Barry Carter
SilverFictionGroundStephen Riley
BronzePoetrySerotonin Gareth Strachan
BronzeFictionA Picture of YouPeter Jordan
Highly commendedPoetryFerry back from the Isle of ManOwen Lowery
Highly commendedFictionNew WaterJohn Attridge
CommendedPoetryInventing Brother in Batangas PortRomalyn Ante
CommendedFictionThe Green and the SeaKaori Crawford

Shortlisted: Akulah Agbami, Isabel Baylis, Craig Lambert, Catherine Mark

Longlisted: Jag, Alison Jacobs, Susan Kent, Jan McCarthy, Fred McIlmoyle, Brendan O’Neill, Sarah Shaw



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Photo credit Brant Adam


AwardGenreTitle of pieceName
PlatinumPoetryAnatomy for the ArtistCatherine Edmunds
PlatinumFictionFoxAlexi Francis
GoldPoetryThey Call MeDes Mannay
GoldFictionDrifterSanya Semakula
SilverPoetryEdnaJackie Hagan
SilverFictionThe Perfect PearlMoray Sanders
BronzePoetryHungry DragonSuna Akiah
BronzeFictionWalkmenOliver Redfern
Highly commendedPoetryOn Seeing Wild Goats on an island off MallaigNick Lewis
Highly commendedFictionHome InsteadTina Freeth
CommendedPoetryFlying the BothyAllison Dean
CommendedFictionPerceptionPeter Jordan



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AwardGenreTitle of pieceName
PlatinumPoetryMy FatherSarah Walker
PlatinumFictionThe SparkMoray Sanders
GoldPoetryI want oneCathy Bryant
GoldFictionWhat was the Spark?Jarred McGinnis
SilverPoetryLightbulbsDolly Sen
SilverFictionLifebirdTom Jayston
BronzePoetryImmortalNicola Wood
BronzeFictionWaspTracey Watkins
Highly commendedPoetrySparks FlySusan Kent
Highly commendedFictionBostonAnne Oatley
Highly commendedPoetryFinding the SourceDeborah Beecher
Highly commendedFictionUncle’s Gold PenPenny Pepper
Highly commendedPoetryAmnesiaLaura Thornley
Highly commendedFictionJust a SparkAlasdair Watt
CommendedPoetrySparkling PersonalitySusan Kent
CommendedFictionFollow Your JudgementLynne E Blackwood
CommendedPoetryLithium SunDolly Sen
CommendedFictionNextWendy Bettis
CommendedPoetryThe Little-BangDavid Paton
CommendedFictionContactPeter Jordan


Creative Future Literary Awards

Creative Future Literary Awards